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              After Service
            ·Service Principle
            ·Facilitating Agency
            ·Usual Questions
            ·Client Message
             Service Principle
            · Service Principle:
            Customer first; Service first
            · Service Aim:
            Let the customer confidently use Liuzhou ZF products.
            · Service Commitments:
            Less than 300 km: instant service within 24 hours
            From 301 to 500 km: instant service within 48 hours
            More than 501 km: instant service within 72 hours.
            · Warranty:
            12 months or 1500 operating hours after the sale of the product, whichever occurs first.
            · Service Hot-line:0772-3691560 13707806961 0772-3691559  0772-3691525
            · E-mail:

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